Sound as an Experience at Sir Joan Hotel Ibiza

In bygone days free- spirited communities would meet in Ibiza to create music and art. Sir Joan is rooted in a passion for art and sound: It’s a sensual and highly exclusive retreat for the modern Ibiza traveler and music lover, whether it be the party animal, the quiet introvert artist or the musician. To create an audio experience complementing the nostalgic era of the island, Sir Joan hired Privium Solutions.


To cater to modern audio needs, the Sir Joan Ibiza hotel and its restaurants, The Izakay and The Butcher, were equipped with high-quality installations whose sound is on a par with a nightclub. The installation was finished at the highest level and can be operated via a user-friendly app via your iPad.

Privium Solutions has a long standing relationship with Martin Audio for its international reputation in supplying award-winning, professional loudspeaker systems. Multi-cellul

ar loudspeaker arrays and passive wavefront precision line arrays deliver unsurpassed sound coverage, consistency and control across to the audience, by combining modern acoustic design with highly accurate prediction and optimisation software.


The 38 rooms and suites feature stripped wooden yacht flooring and highly polished stainless steel wall panels, which, when hit by the incoming sunlight, visually emulate the movement of waves. The rooms are perfectly soundproof so even if one of the musical events would not be to your taste, in the room it would be perfectly possible to come to rest after a tiring day and listen to your own music.

The atmosphere in its bespoke restaurants IZAKAYA and The Butcher challenges all the senses and the sound is adjusted to the exact look and feel of the room. IZAKAYA presents modern Japanese cuisine with South American influences – it’s an outstanding shared–dining concept that suits the cosmopolitan nature of Ibiza. After shaking up Amsterdam and Berlin, THE BUTCHER has found his sixth home in Ibiza. Seamen tattoos, sails and navigation charts are the backdrop for a sizzling experience.

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