Privium creates exciting and unforgettable gastronomical audiovisual experiences

Imagine creating a dynamic space with the power to engage and attract, surpriseand delight, uplift and inspire. One that’s so flexible you can change it to reflect every mood, scenery and moment or enhance a corporate identity. That’s the beauty of Living Surfaces.The new way to express emotions, add drama and bring spaces alive. Living Spaces is the perfect answer for guest experience restaurants, nightclubs and lobby areas.

Living surface are breath-taking, interactive touch surfaces with lively contents you can touch, experience, play and interact with. Our digital created content is interactive and can swim, hop or fly on the floor, wall, ceiling or table, always responding to the movements of all the guest partici- pating in the dinner. Privium Solutions uses projected 3D images and state-of-the-art motion capture technology to turn any space into a virtual magical play area, providing an exciting exper

ience of fun and interaction. It creates a completely immersive environment, and uniquely inspiring experiences.

Living surfaces are a magical sync between people’s actions and the animated 3d graphics on the surface. It consists of a highly sensitive optical sensors that observe people’s activities. A state of the art graphic PC is running the software, living surface analyses the camera signals in real time and instantly generates breathtaking visual effects displayed by a ultra hd video projector or any other display technology for floors, tables and walls. living surface is developed by Privions.

Privium Solutions provides complete turnkey audio visual system solutions. From initial concept with the client through to design, equipment supply, installation, and maintenance. More information on Privium Solutions can be found

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