Robot Receptionists are Real and Really Real-Looking Too

We've always joked that with the advent of mobile apps in hotels, guests will no longer need human interaction to make their room service request, pull up their car from valet or ask for more towels from housekeeping. But maybe we should be more concerned about hotel robots eradicating the human experience?

A newly announced hotel in Japan's Netherlands-like Huis Ten Bosch theme park will be staffed with robots at the reception desk. And not the Botlr kind of robot but robots that have a human likeness to them and who can engage in "intelligent conversation" with guests. #CREEPY. There will be other "service and porter" robots similar to Botlr who will do the menial tasks like cleaning and presumably bringing up that toothbrush you forgot. But let's be real, they won't be able to make a bed now, will they?

Aside from the creepy robots, the hotel will have 72 rooms which guests can book by bidding on a room rate. There is a cap on the bids, but this is kind of like the ultimate Blind Booking Hotel. The guest room doors will open to guests with facial-recognition technology and the room temperature will be adjusted according to the body heat in the rooms. There will be a tablet with an app for guests to make other requests. Heh.

The hotel will be called Henn-na Hotel (which means Strange Hotel) and actually has an actual opening date--July 17. Even more, you can actually reserve a room right now on the hotel's website. We can't read the site but the hotel says room rates will start at JPY7,000 ($60) for a single room to JPY18,000 ($153) for a triple room. (That's the max bidding rate too.)



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