You Can Now Use Your Phone to Open The Door at The Cromwell in Las Vegas

There are many things that you can lose in Vegas--money, inhibition, dignity, and most certainly your room keys. Raise your hand if this happened to you not once but twice this weekend in Vegas. Oh? We're the only ones?

But if you're staying at The Cromwell Las Vegas, a part of Caesars Entertainment, there's no way to lose those pesky key cards at 2am as the hotel has just announced mobile keys, aka keyless entry, or as Caesars is calling it, eKey. The boutique casino hotel (formerly Bill's Gambling Hall) is now part of exclusive club of hotels that offer keyless entry. The technology runs off of Kaba’s cloud-based, BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) enabled locks using Legic ID Connect.

But using your phone to open a guest room door is just one part of The Cromwell's room tech. Guests can also check-in and check-out through the mobile app as well as send requests to housekeeping, book dinner reservations or buy show tickets. (Or maybe even request photos of Nic Cage in the room.)

Want something a little more tangible? You can also use kiosk to check-in, which will print you an actual key. Or you know, you could always just go up to the front desk and do it the old-fashioned way.

While the tech is only in place at The Cromwell, Caesars plans to roll out the self check-in and check-out service to all eight other Caesars properties in town, and presumably keyless entry will follow that as well.

Can you imagine, a Vegas where you no longer have to wait in line to check-in or trudge all the way downstairs to the front desk after you've realized you've misplaced your room key? Just make sure you don't leave your phone in the strip club.

The only downside in all of this is that if keyless entry becomes a trend, then our eclectic hotel key card collection, most of which is Vegas key cards featuring shows long gone, will become stagnant. #ludditeproblems


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