Would You Make a Hotel Reservation Through Your Car's GPS?

Booking a hotel room by using your smartphone was sooo 2014. Pretty soon you'll be able to book a room by using your car. Yes, your car.

The Washington Post reports that General Motors is getting ready to unveil a new component of their OnStar GPS program to be called, "AtYourService." (No spaces, apparently.) When you ask OnStar to search for a hotel nearby, AtYourService, which is a subscription service drivers will have to pay for, will bring up a few options and then allow you to connect to Priceline.com to actually book the room.

Ok, so the ability to book a hotel through your car's GPS is awesome from a technology standpoint. Just ten years ago, road-trippers were still pulling up to random roadside motels praying they would have rooms open and only a moderate roach problem. Now, we can just command our car to find a hotel--long before we get there--make a reservation for us and then direct us to the place. But do we really need all this?

Chances are, if you have a connected car with a service like OnStar which has WiFi, then you're probably a connected person who already owns a smartphone with a mobile booking app and a maps app of some sort that can lead you to a hotel. (You can also try the hidden "phone" function of your smartphone to call for a room and directions.)

And while booking with Priceline.com is not necessarily a bad thing, if you're a member of a hotel's loyalty program, booking directly with the hotel is the only way to earn points and in some cases, get free WiFi. So booking through your car, while cool and very Knight Rider-ish, is probably pointless.

Nevertheless, we're interested to see what else GM and OnStar will unveil of AtYourService at CES in Las Vegas this weekend. Let's hope the car can find an available room during one of the busiest weeks of the year in Las Vegas!


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