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Smart Room Keys

The next generation of wearable technology is here – a smart bracelet that allows hotel guests to access their rooms, make payments, share experiences on social networks, and receive personalized services while maintaining information security.




What’s Next?


We are launching in June 1st 2015 the Smart VIB app for Apple WatchTM. This will be available in 10 lan- guages and works in connection with the smartphone app. It notably promotes your hotels and destinations and allows users to manage their bookings. 

Experiemental Winning & Dinning


Interactive floors, walls and tables

Living surface are breath-taking, interactive touch surfaces with lively contents you can touch, experience, play and interact with. Our digital created content is interactive and can swim, hop or fly on the floor, wall, ceiling or table, always responding to the movements of all the guest participating in the dinner. Privium Solutions uses projected 3D images and state-of-the-art motion capture technology to turn any space into a virtual magical play area, providing an exciting experience of fun and interaction.
It creates a completely immersive environ- ment, and uniquely inspiring experiences. 


Smart Hotel Room

Welcome to smart hotel room. A hotel room that anticipates the needs of its future guests and its staff. A hotel where service meets technology and sustainability. And where comfort, quality and luxury are never compromised.


With a Tablet, smartphone or voice control, guests can control drapes, lights, temperature, TV, music, as well as schedule wake-up calls, request concierge service and more. And through one easy-to-use interface, hotel staff is always just one touch away from ensuring the best concierge service and

a remarkable stay. 


Multimedia Entertainment

Bring a world of next generation entertainment into the Hotel


We understand that offering your guests a superb choice of information and entertainment content is critical to guest satisfaction, and we also understand that you need the promotional tools to help ensure that this content
can generate additional revenue streams for your business. 




  • Smart Hotel TV

  • Interactive Digital Concierge

  • Lobby video wall

  • Pool video wall 


  • Conference rooms

  • Reception Area

  • Spa & Fitness Area 

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